The flow of “SAGAR” was found by Mr. SHABBIR G. CHASMAWALA, a veteran and legendry in the manufacturing of Spectacle frames in India

It has come up to an exciting, perspective and inspiring concern for a clear and beautiful site and growth.
SAGAR OPTICAL INDUSTRIES are renowned manufacturers of spectacle frames Of various sizes, designs and colours since 1988.
The accent of SAGAR products is on style, without compromising on quality.

The quality of our spectacle frames manufactured in our unit was very much liked by those people, whose concern was wearing a class in frames in India and International. With the technical know-how from abroad, each frame came out of this unit was basically tested, carved and modeled with skilled technicians of high quality. As on today, the people are wearing spectacle frames from the flow of SAGAR'S to there hearts contents and traveling to the seven seas with elegance.

The company has sophisticated imported machines to ensure quality, manned by the Efficient, qualified and well expertise engineers. The firm's products enjoy a large Clientele both at home and abroad.
“SAGAR”have always given you the frame suits to your face with the best view And vision derived from good lenses.

Armed with such commitments, the company grew from new strength since its Establishment in the year 1988. Today the modern plant at BARODA With high production capacity are busy catering to the increasing demand.