Cellulose acetate comes in sheets of various thickness 3.5mm to 6mm or more. Acetate sheets are produced by manufacturer in a variety of transparent, opaque and variegated designs.

Cellulose acetate has a good resistance to water, low concentration of acid, bases and inorganic salts, parraffinic hydrocarbons, high m.w alcohols, oils and fats.

None of the component of this acetate sheet is a source of frequent or significant irritation to the skin at least under normal condition of use. As in case of any plastics material or metal we cannot exclude an exceptional reaction, which could necessitate the substitution of the type of material.

Thus Cellulose acetate differs from all other materials due to its amazing three dimensional effects, transparency, brightness of colours and compositions. Moreover it maintains the characteristics of the vegetable fibers will not provoke skin allergies and has a warm, silky feel.

The frames are then manually cut from these sheets by highly skilled craftsman.